Chacraseca, Nicaragua


Children with complicated medical conditions suffer the world over.  In even the most resource-rich parts of the United States, families caring for children with needs are stretched thin, need support, and often have a hard time finding the care they need.  We work to provide medical homes for families here day-to-day in places like Richmond and Chicago. We know providing comprehensive care for a child with complex medical needs is hard and we strive to bring the same quality of care to Nicaragua as well. 

Why us?:

1. We work directly with the local health care system in Chacraseca, Nicaragua to provide sustainable change and aim to provide a sustainable medical home for children in need. 

2. Our goal is to keep a consistent group of Pediatricians, Nurses, and Specialized Therapists to provide continuity of care directed through local doctors and nurses.

3. We are coordinating equipment and therapy services directly with local NGOs (FNE International -  

4. Our goals are long term: we have a longitudinal commitment to providing comprehensive care, judged by incremental best practice changes that come as expectations where we all practice primarily with realistic goals based on locally available resources

5. We strive to adapt the care we provide to the needs of the community. For instance, we hope to add physical therapy for children in need and asthma guidelines for kids with uncontrolled asthma.  Additionally, we hope to regularly see — through our direct care and that of local physicians — the children with trisomy 21 (Downs’ Syndrome) we’ve already seen and identify their unique needs moving forward

What does your support provide?

1. Medications: children with chronic diseases need a supply of medications like albuterol for asthma that you help us provide

2. Transportation for families: even getting an X-ray can be a half-day or full-day trip by foot, horse or bus, and you can help us get children the tests and evaluations they need to be healthy

3. Support the local health post: your donation will help us provide regular therapy services within the rural area 

4. Equipment: your donation can us help get durable medical equipment like wheel chairs, walkers, and beds, to help children and families get to care, get to school, and get more involved in the community.

5. Directly support our clinic: your donation will help us open additional clinic days locally that we staff.

Thank you for any support you may provide! Even the smallest donation can help us make a huge difference in the lives of children with complicated, chronic medical problems and their families. It means so much!

This project is in partnership with FNE International: 

We need your help!

Your donation will cover the cost of conducting the clinics, arranging followup care (including transportation and lodging for the families as needed), performing laboratory tests and imaging, and support the in-country team supervising follow-up.