Supporting the global health and international service efforts by students and professionals in the Richmond, VA community 



Our mission is to support, financially and logistically, the global health and international service efforts by students and professionals in the Richmond, VA community. 


We envision a stable, adaptable, and supportive organization that provides longitudinal commitment to sustainable projects in international communities.


Ethical, evidence-based practice; solidarity; diversity in thought, ideas, and action; dignity in all people; health system strengthening; collaborative partnerships; global heath leadership development

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Richmond Global Health Alliance is a non-profit global health organization based in Richmond, VA, USA, led by a students and professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Our work is based on four strategic pillars: 

Direct Primary Care

Community Health Outreach

Youth Development

Service Learning & Mentorship

We implement evidence-based projects within each of these strategic pillars. We strive to seek community collaboration in each of our projects, and aim for lasting, stable health impact. To read a summary of our projects, click here

We have visited a community in the Andes Mountains of Peru, called Pampas Grande, since our founding. Our experiences there shaped our organization and the strategic pillars upon which our work is based. As we have developed relationships and collaborations, our work has expanded to other communities in Peru, as well as in the United States. Click here to learn more about the communities we serve. 

RGHA is exempt under IRS section 501(c)(3) and is classified as a public charity in the United States. 


We are committed in assisting those currently engaged in global health and in encouraging the development of the next generation of global health leaders.  We will involve participants of all experience levels and work to recruit those new to aid, development, and international efforts.

We desire diversity in thought, ideas and action.  We will not discriminate based on sex, race, religion, creed, or sexual orientation when selecting our partners in global health.  We will not have discriminatory preconditions for our services nor will we engage in proselytizing during our work.

We believe in the dignity of all human beings.  We will present our work realistically, avoid exploitative imagery and advertising, and maintain an appropriate standard of care across all our activities.  We will seek to strengthen communities with sustainable solutions and not burden them with frivolous requirements.

We value the hard work of our volunteers and donors and the needs of those whom we serve.  We will strive to have minimal overhead to our work, a longitudinal commitment to the people and areas where we work, and an open and inviting culture to all our volunteers and supporters.

We recognize our limits in time, ability and ideas.  We will seek collaborations with other groups, learn from the successes and failures of previous projects, and seek oversight and guidance.   We will regularly debrief our efforts and submit to critical reviews from our partners and experts.