Rocío Posada: Getting Ready for Pampas Grande

(Submitted June 1, 2016) 

Our trip to Peru is nearly a month away and I am preparing myself for this experience. I have participated in other service learning trips like Habitat for Humanity and U of R’s Students Engaging & Enacting in Dialogue & Service (SEEDS). However, I am very excited to take what I have learned from past experiences and travel abroad to Pampas Grande. Peru is a country with a unique history and a rich culture, but like many countries it has a flawed healthcare system. Approximately, only 43 percent of people have one of the three main types of health insurance and a small pueblo like Pampas Grande does not always have access to medical facilities and treatments. PAN Peru has initiated healthcare and education programs and a partnership with RGHA in order to provide better health quality for its people in Pampas Grande. With that said, I am a bit nervous about being at more than 14,000 feet of altitude and getting out of my comfort zone in a new culture. I hope to use my native Spanish language skills to communicate with the people of Pampas and interpret for medical professionals. Most of all, I am ready to learn from the people by immersing myself in a completely different atmosphere and be part of this team of passionate professionals and undergraduates. 

In the SEEDS Trip 2016 in West Virginia students volunteered in McDowell County and learned about mountain top removal and environmental & health related issues.                                                                                           This is where we started our morning hike. 

In the Sophomore Scholars in Residence trip to San Diego and Tijuana, we studied immigration and U.S.-Mexico border relations. In this picture I am standing on the Tijuana Beach Border.