Nicole Dambrosio: Pre-Trip Reflections

(Submitted June 9, 2016)

Our annual service trip to Peru is almost here! I am excited to be traveling to Pampas Grande this year to work with the community and learn more about the culture. RGHA has traveled to Pampas Grande for a number of years now and I’m hoping to help continue and expand the great projects already in place in the town. From the school programs to the greenhouses, I think together with the members of the town, we have made a great positive impact on the community. During meetings following up to the trip, we see pictures of life in Pampas Grande and hear stories of the past experiences of RGHA members. I’m excited to finally embark on this journey to see what will be in store for me upon arriving. I’m eager to go to Peru for the first time and not only help the community in any way, but hopefully learn from them as well.

I have worked as a medical assistant at a pediatric clinic in the United States so am eager to see how clinics are run in the community of Pampas Grande. I hope to use my Spanish speaking skills and EMT training to help in the clinic in the best way I can. I’m looking forward to spending time with the children at the schools as I spent four summers working at a summer camp with young children.

I can’t wait to meet everyone we will be working with and make new friends. I have only heard great positive things about the generous, loving, and caring community so I hope that I can help them as much I possibly can in return.

Nicole is an undergraduate student at the University of Richmond. This will be his first trip to Pampas Grande, Peru.