Greenhouse for a High Altitude Peruvian Village

We are looking to raise money to fund the construction of greenhouses in Pampas Grande, Peru.

Pampas Grande is located at an altitude 12,500 feet in the Peruvian Andes Mountains.  With limited infrastructure, water, and advanced farming techniques, residents of Pampas Grande are unable to grow their own vegetables and maintain a healthy diet.  

This greenhouse will provide crucial, sustainable, and healthy nourishment for a number of high-altitude communities where traditional farming is falling short. The Richmond Global Health Alliance built the first greenhouse in 2011 in Pampas Grande. Working with local residents we have built an additional 6 greenhouses over the past 3 years.  The greenhouses have been incredibly productive, allowing the residents to grow and eat their own vegetables for free!  Between 2013 and 2014 the following vegetables have been harvested: 280 lettuces, 200 beets, 50 radishes, 200 pickles, 30 cabbages, 20 kg. of peppers, 10 kg. of tomatoes, 10 packages of cilantro, and 30 zucchinis.

The new greenhouses we are raising money would be located in new towns within the Pampas Grande District.  We would provide all the funds for the greenhouse and work with the local residents on construction of the greenhouse.   
*$1,000 or more- Pay for the greenhouse singlehandedly! Have the greenhouse dedicated in your name with official documentation and photo of team and school provided.
*$400 or more- Pay for the tarp needed to cover the greenhouse! A framed picture of the greenhouse with the RGHA team and school will also be sent as a token of our appreciation.
*$100 or more- Pay for a bundle of vegetables to be planted! A handmade item from our journey in Peru will be mailed as a thank you.
*$25 or more- A handwritten thank you note from us to you!

We are volunteering with the Richmond Global Health Alliance (RGHA). RGHA is incorporated as a non-profit business in Virginia, but is not yet an IRS approved 501c3. Teams from RGHA have traveled to Peru for the last 7 years and the Greenhouse project is exciting and growing.

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