Project Spotlight: Water Sanitation

A preliminary study by the district health post identified many common contaminants in Pampas Grande's water supply. The problem is further compounded by the recent cut in government funding for chlorination of Pampas Grande's reservoir. For this project, we plan to conduct a formal assessment of the water supply in Pampas and its surrounding towns as well as administer a survey to determine where residents obtain water. As a gift to the town and Mayor, we will then provide the chlorine required to sanitize the reservoir.

The estimated cost for this project is $500, which includes water testing kits and chlorine. If you would like to help fund this project, you can go to our website,, and make a donation via Paypal. Since all RGHA volunteers have paid for personal travel, food, and lodging expenses, 100% of your donation will go to this and other peojects.

T-minus three days and counting until the medical team leaves for Pampas!