RGHA Retreat and BBQ

RGHA members gathered last Sunday for a group organizational meeting that involved discussion about future projects, partnerships, and goals. Here are some of the highlights:

- For next year's trip, RGHA is considering going to Peru during the summer, rather than during spring break. This will allow our group to stay in the country longer and explore other communities.

- The RGHA website is underway!

- RGHA will host a number of different community outreach and fundraising efforts, including a museum event, a trivia night, guest lectures, and restaurant profit shares.

- RGHA is looking to partner with people from diverse professional backgrounds, including law, dentistry, education, accounting, nutrition, computer science, business administration, and marketing.

- RGHA will continue to work with and improve upon established projects (derm, women's health, greenhouse, joint pain, crafts, clinic) with the help of returning undergraduate student leaders.

After business was complete, RGHA members enjoyed great food, company, and spring weather at the annual post-trip BBQ.

Sid on grill duty

Our young supporters ready for cake

Beautiful and delicious RGHA cake (made by Kakealicious)

Lively dinner discussion

Stay tuned for more RGHA updates!