Morning in Huaras

This morning hopefully finds our whole group well rested after a long day of travel. The sun has not yet had a chance to burn away the clouds but it looks like it will be a beautiful day. Pleasantly, it began several hours ago with being awakened to a serenade of sorts. My own cloudy sleep-brain did not record what the women down on the street were singing, or even whether they were singing in Spanish or Quechua, but somehow I was sure that they were singing some sort of off-to-work hymn... Or maybe a dirge. I say "pleasantly" because it was early enough that I was able to get back to sleep- and waking in this clean mountain air is always great. Interestingly, Huaras may be a very musical town- because we discovered last night that the garbage truck makes it's rounds with a pre-recorded happy song that sounded almost like a Disney ride soundtrack. It was the only time I ever stopped to watch a garbage truck inch it's way along the street. Sean Byrne even took video! We will be sure to post when we return home.

In a few hours we will make the trek to REAL altitude... from about 8000 ft to 12,000 ft. We have a terrific group of volunteers and are more organized than ever. I think that building the greenhouse is going to be a terrific way to get a real sense of accomplishment. The medical and dental campaigns are always amazing but the work is never done and we leave wishing we could have done more. The greenhouse SHOULD bring a sense of completion. We'll keep fingers crossed that we are able to finish the work in the 3 short work days that we have.

We'll keep writing along the way though there may or may not be new posts before Wednesday when we get back to Huaras. Depending on Internet service in Pampas.

Hope all is well back in the states! Thanks again for following and supporting our work.


Sean McKenna, MD